Learn about the different cashew grades and their impact on the cashew nut wholesale price in India.

Are you a fan of cashew nuts? If yes, you will surely have noticed that not all cashew nuts are the same. Some nuts look bigger and fatter than others. Do cashew nuts really differ from each other? And does this impact the cashew nut wholesale price in India in any way? Let’s find out.
Cashew kernels are graded as per their size, shape and colour. In all, there are 33 different grades of cashew nuts however only 26 are available for people to purchase. Let us take a look at the important ones.

Grading Description Use
W180 White Whole Cashew Nut The largest and most expensive type available. It is referred to as the king of cashews. W-180 white cashew nuts are large in size and have a higher price. They are used to make salted cashew nuts, honey cashews, whole-grain salt-roasted cashews, chili garlic cashews, wasabi cashews and other flavored cashew products.
W210 White Whole Cashew Nut This grade is internationally known as the jumbo cashew nut. These nuts are also large in size and are expensive too, next only to the W180. They are perfect for products or applications where the visual appeal and size of the nut are not considered important.
W240 White Whole Cashew Nut These nuts are internationally known as Premium Large Nuts. These come from mid-grade cashews. They come along with a medium price tag. These cashews are often used in nut mixes where the cashew is not the main ingredient of the product.
W320 White Whole Cashew Nut They are internationally known as Standard Large Nuts. They come in a nutty flavour and have a rich taste. They are a perfect blend of size and cost. The pricing makes them appealing to consumers. They are the easiest cashew nuts available and are widely sold and distributed for direct snacking consumption.
W450 White Whole Cashew Nut These are internationally known as Standard Nuts. They are very reasonable however the size is a bit small. If you are not looking to spend a lot then these are a great option.
Scorched Wholes These nuts have a light brown colour. They get this colour as they are roasted longer than the others. They are either sold in pieces or in wholes for use in desserts and other cooking recipes.

Cashew nuts have a great taste, and are the perfect snack for any occasion. They are very good for health as well. When it comes to cashews, the reason behind the high price is due to the harvesting process.

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