With most Indian cooking styles being versatile with the use of a single ingredient in different recipes, it’s no wonder that butter tends to be one of the main stars of the average Indian kitchen.  Although dairy butter is a staple in most consumable products from packaged biscuits to traditional sweets, it is crucial to take into account alternative lifestyles and health aspects affecting people such as lactose intolerance. Dairy butter has always been associated with high calories, weight gain and often poses a risk to cardiac health by increasing cholesterol and is not consumed by vegans or those who follow a plant-based lifestyle. Considering the many drawbacks of dairy butter, nut butter is increasingly gaining popularity in the market, with cashew butter being considered a better and healthier option. Due to the convenience of online shopping, it’s never been easier to access a variety of healthy lifestyle choices, such as having the option to buy cashew butter online.

Here are 5 reasons to ditch the dairy butter and pick up a jar of rich, creamy and healthy cashew butter:

Healthier and tastier

Cashew butter has starch and natural sugars that help to fulfil our daily carbohydrate requirements without any additional sweeteners. Thus, it can be immensely beneficial in keeping those carb cravings at bay while being an excellent butter substitute in a variety of vegan desserts.


Less fat consumption

Gorging on buttery snacks and sweets without piling on the pounds may seem like an impossible dream — that’s where nut butter enters the scene to save the day! Unlike dairy butter — which has a higher amount of saturated fats that have an adverse effect on heart health. Cashew butter has healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are about 80% unsaturated fats and 20% saturated fats. This plays a huge role in keeping our fat consumption in check without having to give up on that irreplaceable buttery goodness in your favourite food. Being high in calories and saturated fats, dairy butter is known to raise levels of bad cholesterol and put our heart’s health at risk.



Cows in the dairy industry are often injected with numerous steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones to optimize milk production. Milk from these cows is then used to prepare dairy butter. Cashew butter, being derived from a plant source, is hormone-free and healthier all around.


Creamier texture

Now, who doesn’t love a bite of hot toast all slathered up with some yummy, buttery spread? Cashew butter has a naturally rich and creamy texture due to its high fat and starch content, rendering the use of artificial thickening agents unnecessary.


Diet requirements

It is very important to stick to the lifestyle changes that we make without any regrets. Vegans and people following a plant-based diet have specific requirements that involve avoiding products of animal origin. With more and more people turning to plant-based products in recent years, cashew butter comes into play as a wonderful dairy substitute, especially for those who are lactose intolerant or are trying to consciously cut down on their dairy consumption.


There’s no better way to get started on bringing in a dose of healthy, dairy-free eating to your meal routine than with some scrumptious cashew butter — grab some at your nearest Zantye outlet or buy cashew butter online through our online store.