Known for its rich history and distinct taste, the cashew nut enjoys the prestige of being a snack time favourite across all age groups, as well as being a much-loved addition to a variety of traditional Indian curries and desserts. Nearly 270,000 metric tonnes of cashew are consumed in India every year, making our country one of the leading producers and distributors of cashew nuts. The widespread popularity of cashews has given rise to a huge industry across the world. Flavoured cashews offer a yummy twist to our favourite nut. You can easily buy cashew nuts online and in the local market in these flavours. Cashews are categorised into industry-standard cashew grades and are produced in several flavours that include:  

  • Chocolate cashew nuts  
  • Salted cashew nuts  
  • Pepper cashew nuts  
  • Spicy cashew nuts  
  • Chilli garlic cashew nuts 

Here are five flavoured cashew nuts that you definitely can’t miss out on during your snack breaks: 

Chocolate-coated Cashew Nuts

This is definitely a go-to sweet treat for chocolate lovers! As cashews have a taste that blends well with any flavour, chocolate tastes heavenly with cashews. You can enjoy your favourite cashew nut sweet treat while travelling, watching movies, and at parties as well. 

Salted Cashew Nuts

Almost everyone loves a crunchy snack time treat of salted cashews. These nuts are mostly roasted and salted, and can also be used as a garnishing ingredient for your curry recipes like paneer butter masala and chicken curry. Zantye’s salted cashews are roasted in premium refined coconut oil and sprinkled with salt for that perfect taste and crunch. 

Spicy Cashew Nuts

Some people have a thing for fiery flavours, and spicy cashews are the best choice if you’re a spice lover! In this case, the cashews are roasted and then mixed with hot flavoursome masalas that give the nuts that spicy punch making them a great snacking AND gifting option. Generally, spicy cashews are coated with red chilli powder as the main ingredient. 

Peppery Cashew Nuts

The hot taste of pepper can be enjoyed with the crunchy goodness of cashews. It is the most reliable snack you can have to satisfy your cravings in between the work hours. You can also couple it with your favourite chilled beverage to level up on those snack time pleasures! 

Chilly Garlic Cashew Nuts

The hot, tangy taste of chilli garlic is irresistible, making it a popular flavour that is relished by people across the country.  It is often used as a go-to flavour option for snacks and even with cashew nuts. This is a must-try for its burst of delightful fiery flavours. 

And there you go! We’ve taken you through some of the most popular varieties of flavoured cashew nuts in India and across the world.  Now it’s your turn to try all these flavours and select your favourite from the lot.  Our online webstore is your one-stop destination for buying premium quality flavoured cashews at the best price. These are also a great gifting option for the upcoming festive season.