From using good quality food products to choosing more nutritious alternatives to your meals, a well-planned diet can do wonders for your health. A major problem faced by people these days related to health is controlling their intake of fats and managing cholesterol. This is usually the result of too much oil, dairy butter, and fats in daily meals. Presently, dairy butter is one of the most widely consumed fatty products in India and across the world, a source of several health risks. Medical practitioners generally advise people with lifestyle-related health issues to limit or cut down on their butter intake. But this becomes extremely difficult in most cases because dairy products are a staple part of the regular diet in many cultures globally.  Plant-based nut butters offer a healthier alternative to regular dairy butter, with spreads like cashew and almond butter gaining popularity in recent years. Cashew butter has good cholesterol and does not impact your health adversely, while also providing all the nutritional health benefits of cashew nuts. This delectably creamy and smooth nut butter is an effortless addition to any meal, from breakfast to desserts- it’s also very convenient to buy cashew butter online in India.

Here are five easy ways to use cashew butter in your next meal:


The first and most important meal of the day needs to be fulfilling so that you remain energized throughout the day. You can use cashew butter as a creamy spread on hot, freshly toasted bread, or top your oatmeal with it along with rich maple syrup to get the best taste for breakfast. A healthy and yummy way to start your day.


This may come as a surprise to many, but just like regular cashews, you can add cashew butter to your curry for a thicker and creamier texture.  Cashew butter not only adds a touch of magic to your traditional paneer and chicken curry, but is also a healthier and tastier alternative to dairy products.  You can also couple sweet potatoes with cashew butter for some exciting new flavours in your regular recipe.

Snack time

There are so many recipes in which you can include the goodness of   cashew butter to manage those snack time cravings with ease! Pair it off any way you like – with muffins, smoothies, cakes, chocolates, bagels, cookies and anything else you’d like for a quick bite. Cashew butter can also be used as a dip to eat with your favourite fruits and veggies.

Special Occasions

For upcoming parties, you can add cashew butter to any of your baked goodies, a sure-fire way to enhance the taste of sweet treats or snacks. The naturally sweet and creamy nut butter goes well with both sweet and savoury items – definitely a crowd-pleaser for youngsters! Especially when you are organizing a party for kids, keep the snack counter simple, fun and exciting with cashew butter cookies, sandwiches and smoothies.


Looking for ideas to scrounge up a light, healthy dinner? A spoon full of cashew butter slathered onto a soft chapati and relished as a roll is a quick and easy meal fix after a long day. If you’re up for something fancier, whip up some pasta alfredo with a creamy touch of cashew butter! You can try making a flavourful garlic cashew sauce by mixing garlic paste with cashew butter and herbs according your preferred taste – best enjoyed as a salad dressing or scrumptious dip


There are a variety of creative ways to add cashew butter to your daily diet. In this way, you can improvise your favourite recipes and add the goodness of cashew nuts to them. Once you taste Zantye’s cashew butter, there’s no going back – check it out on our online store!