Cashews are some of the most delicious and popular nuts in the world. Cashew are a healthy snack because they’re high in fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, protein and essential minerals. This makes them perfect for diets that require low fat consumption. Cashews are also high in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps you sleep better at night.   


Here’s why cashew nuts are the perfect healthy snack: 

They’re SUPER versatile!

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Cashews can be eaten raw or roasted and also be ground up into a paste, turned to butter, blended into milk, or even made into cheese! This makes them a highly versatile ingredient that you can enjoy any time of the day. 


They’re a good source of protein

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Cashews have one of the highest protein content of any nut out there and, incidentally are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, and potassium. This makes them an all-round great snack that can be consumed between meals. 


Strengthen bones and muscles 

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Cashew keep the bones and muscles strong as they contain calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Cashew nuts are a rich source of copper and manganese. These minerals provide the body with anti-oxidants that help fight numerous diseases and infections. 


They’re delicious!

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Cashew are delicious, creamy and are a good source of Cashew milk is an alternative to soya and almond milk and there are a lot of people who use it as an alternative to cow’s milk. 

Cashew butter is a great additive in baking and cooking, and even just as a creamy spread on toast or bread. It can also be used on salads as a dressing or can be used as a dip. 

Flavoured cashews are also great as a quick, healthy snack.    


Rich in essential nutrients

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Cashew nuts are rich in vitamin B2, which provides the body with energy and also helps in fading stretch marks. The minerals magnesium and potassium are also helpful for blood pressure and heart health. The calcium helps the muscles to contract properly and prevent inflammation of the muscle tissues, so cashews can be good for athletes because they’re high in protein. Most nuts are also extremely beneficial for mental health, check out more information here!


The traditional cashew nut is a hard round seed and ivory in colour. Its size ranges from 2.5 to 3 cm and the weight about 1 to 4 grams. It is popular across the world for its delicious taste and nutritional value. The cashew nut tree itself can grow up to 15 meters high and yield thousands of nuts annually and they tend to  have a smooth and crunchy texture, with a cream-colored shell that’s rich in oil. The shell protects the sweet and slightly salty kernel. The kernel is edible and can be eaten raw, roasted, or salted, processed into butter or oil,  that may be used for cooking or as a moisturizer. 

The cashew tree has been cultivated for thousands of years in tropical climates of , India, Africa, Brazil and other parts of South America. Cashews are widely used in both local and international cuisines due to their excellent versatility. 

The cashew nut is a seed that comes from a large and popular fruit called the “cashew apple”. If you’ve ever seen a cashew tree, you may already know that the fruit looks like a little gnarled apple.  

The tree has a trunk up to two feet in diameter and can grow as high as 46 feet depending on soil type, climate, and other conditions. 


You’ll get a serious protein payoff. 

It’s rich in essential fatty acids 

Boasting a high concentration of antioxidants and minerals 

Containing a modicum of ‘healthy fats’. 


It’s not too hard to make snacks with them and takes no time at all to consume! 


 Cashews, with a reputation for being healthy, also make for a wonderful ingredient in easy-to-make snacks.  


Cashews are one of the most popular nuts in the world, but not all cashews are created equal. If you’ve ever eaten a plain one, you might have noticed that they have a slightly bitter taste, similar to almonds.  


Most cashews that you buy in the supermarket are roasted, salted, or often sweetened! But should you stop there? If you’re developing a taste for cashews, you can make a delicious and  nutritious snack with these simple recipes. 


Cashew nuts are a great addition to any diet as well as an excellent source of natural fats, protein, and vitamin E. Cashews are gluten-free, vegan ,and contain fewer calories than peanuts. They’re also easily accessible as a ready-to-eat snack. Buy cashew nuts online from our online store.