The festive season is knocking on your doors, and we cannot forget to mention everyone’s favourite sweet, the traditional Indian Kaju katli! It is a typical sweet dish made, bought, and cherished in every Indian household. There’s no better gift option than adding the sweetness of Kaju katli to the lives of your loved ones. To celebrate the love for the delicious Kaju Katli, Zantye’s has launched Goan Cashew Katli just in time for the upcoming festive occasions so that you can buy kaju katli from the comfort of your home and send it directly to your loved ones.  The rich history of cashew production in Goa makes Goan Cashew nuts unique and premium standard. Cashew nuts are an essential part of Indian kitchens, blending well with every dish and adding a distinct, inimitable flavour. Here are five highlights that make Goan cashew katli a remarkable sweet treat and gift for celebrations:

Organic harvest

Goan cashew, Zantye's cashew katli

With a legacy that spans over a century, Zantye’s traditional harvesting methods have produced organic nuts free of chemicals. The cashew nuts are hand-picked and sorted before being sent for processing.

Premium quality

Goan Cashew Katli, Cashew desserts, Buy cashew nuts online

Goa is famous for its large cashew nuts. These nuts are produced on the farms of Sanquelim with a traditional organic method that ensures premium quality produce. These unique features enhance the taste of the nut and load it with essential nutrients.

Distinct taste


The sweet taste of Goan cashews adds a magical touch to the usual Cashew Katli recipes.  The special recipe and exquisite ingredients used to make the Goan Cashew Katli gives it a distinct texture and taste that melts in your mouth with every bite. You can easily differentiate between the flavours of your regular Kaju Katli and Zantye’s Goan Cashew Katli.

Easy to store

The Goan Cashew Katli can be bought and enjoyed for two months. The shelf life of the sweet makes it even more convenient for you to enjoy its excellent taste for a more extended period of time and makes it a great gifting option for any festive occasion.


As this Goan Cashew Katli is made by  Zantye, a name that has a trusted legacy across India and the world, you can rest assured about the quality and taste of authentic hand-picked Goan cashews.

Take your celebrations to a whole new level as you and your loved ones indulge in the authentic flavours of Goa’s cashew nuts! The organic method of harvest, premium quality, taste, authenticity and shelf life of the Goan Cashew Katli make it a top-notch choice for you this festive season. Visit our online store to order Goan Cashew Katli for yourself, your family, and your friends. Zantye’s also imports cashew nuts worldwide including United Kingdom with the help of Get Loose Foods, learn more about it by clicking on this link